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Motorcycle Security


A New Approach to Fighting Motorbike Theft with BBTA

Devitt speak exclusively with the Bristol Bike Theft Awareness group who have spent the last two years working tirelessly with police, government and the local community to help tackle the rise in motorcycle crime.


Motorcycle Theft Prevention Tips

Devitt discuss the best ways to keep your motorcycle safe and secure from any potential theft, including advice from SoldSecure and Datatag.


Motorcycle Theft Risk Calculator

Is your motorcycle at risk of being stolen? Use our simple motorcycle theft risk calculator to find out and see if you can improve your bike's security.


Q&A with a former Bike Thief

Devitt interview a former motorbike thief to find out how they work, operate and what challenges they face. Read more now!


The Expert: Police

Devitt speak with ex police officer, Mick Jones, about the rise in motorcycle theft and the best advice for ways to keep your bike safe and secure.


Top Motorcycle Security Devices

After speaking to the experts, Devitt list the top security devices for your motorcycle recommended by DataTag, SoldSecure and the Police. Discover more!


The Expert: Datatag

Datatag share their best motorcycle security advice including everything you need to know about the Master Security Lock scheme and more.


The Expert: Sold Secure

Devitt talk exclusively to Sold Secure director about the best security for your motorcycle and ways to overcome bike theft. Read more now!


What Are The Police Doing About Motorcycle Crime? Lock, Chain, Cover

The Met Police share their Lock, Chain, Cover campaign as a way of tackling motorbike crime in the UK. Find out what the police have been doing

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