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Motorbike theft risk calculator

Welcome to our Motorcycle Theft Risk Calculator, you can use it to provide an overall assessment of the theft risk of your motorbike. It is by no means a guarantee or exact science but can be used as an indication as to how likely it is that your motorbike could be stolen. We hope that it will help you to think about the security of your bike and reduce the chances of it being stolen, as nobody wants that, accept for the thieves!

Answer the questions below to calculate your motorbike theft risk!

How long have you owned your bike?
4 or more years
2 years to 3 years
6 months to 23 months
0 months to 5 months
What is your approximate annual mileage?
Less than 2,000
2,001 to 5,999
6,000 to 10,999
11,000 or more
Have you had any previous theft claims?
None in last 5 years
Theft/s in the last five years
What is your motorcycle's engine size?
Ultra Low (50cc & Lower)
Low Power (51cc to 300cc)
Med Power (301 to 890cc)
High Power (891cc+)
What style is your motorcycle?
Commuter / Standard
Scooter / Moped
Adventure / Cruiser / Custom / Muscle
Sports Style
How do you use your motorcycle?
Social, Domestic and Pleasure (SDP)
SDP + Occassional Commuting (once or twice per week)
SDP + Regular Commuting (3 + times per week)
Class 1 - Business Use
Where do you store your motorcycle when it's at your place of work?
Don't take motorcycle to work
Secured area (Barriers, Security Gates, Limited public Access, UG Car Park)
Unsecure area but bike has physical security to stop uplift
Unsecured area and bike has no physical security
Where do you keep your motorcycle when it's not in use?
Garage including Locked Sheds
Driveway - Including Courtyards
On Road
Where do you live?
Rural Area
Small city/ Outskirts of large city
Large city
What's the value of your motorcycle?
Under £1500
£1501 to £4999
£5000 to £9999
£9999 or higher
What is the age of your motorcycle?
5 years or older
1 year to 4 years
7 months to 11 months
0 to 6 months
What security do you use on your motorcycle?
Alarm & Immobilser and/or Tracker
Immobilising chain or disc lock
Electronic Immobilser only
No Security

So, how is my bike theft risk worked out?

There are a number of factors that give an indication to insurers of the likelihood of your bike being stolen. This calculator is not an exact representation of how your bike insurance is underwritten but some similar principles are used to highlight ways that you may be able to improve your bike security. Things such as your location can’t be helped but if you live in a high crime area, then you can do things like add physical security, use anchors, trackers etc to help to compensate for this.

You’ll find your risk increases if you live in a large urban area, cities such as London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester for example.

Brand new motorcycles are often a much more attractive prize than a bike that is a few years old, so a newer bike will increase your theft risk. There’s clear correlation here between the value of your bike, the more it’s worth, the more thieves will want it!

Your history of previous thefts will always be considered when obtaining a motorbike insurance quote; that’s why it’s essential to make sure that you always use all the security you can. Your insurance is there to cover you in the event of a theft, however insurance is never guaranteed, if you’ve had a number of previous thefts you may eventually find that no underwriters want to cover you as you present a high probability of your bike being stolen again.

The use of your motorcycle is also an important factor, as the more you use it, the more it’s out and about potentially being seen by thieves or left in less secure locations with less security being used, the more chance there is of theft. This is especially the case when commuting, as not everyone has secure parking to leave their bike in when at work.