Introduction to Moto Gymkhana


You may have heard the words ‘Moto Gymkhana’ crop up in conversation, on social media or at motorcycling events over the last few years, but you weren’t quite sure what it really was. Well it’s time to find out what this latest craze it all about…

What does it mean?

So, what does Moto Gymkhana mean? As you probably guessed, ‘Moto’ is an abbreviation of motorcycle, and ‘Gymkhana’ is a popular event for horse riders usually made up of speed pattern racing and timed games.

Simply, Moto Gymkhana is a time trial sport like no other. It’s all about completing maneuvers around a short circuit that restricted by cones or obstacles against the clock; it’s not all about speed, it’s about control.

It’s perfect for those who are looking to advance their riding skills but want to have fun at the same time. All the skills you learn; from slow speed turning to maneuvering around obstacles can all be applied to your real life riding.

Moto Gymkhana Association UK

Launched in 2011, Moto Gymkhana UK has grown massively now running over 8 national championship rounds across the country, as well as experience days too. To take part in the Moto Gymkhana Championships you need to make sure you are a registered member of the MGA UK.

Although it started in Japan, the craze quickly took over and there are now Moto Gymkhana associations all over the world now from America, Australia and even Poland!

Moto Gymkhana Gallery

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How to take part

Do you reckon you’re up for the Gymkhana challenge? Well all you need to do is locate your nearest Moto Gymkhana club, there are regional clubs the country and get in touch to find out when the next event day is.

Event days are more frequent during the summer months, but you’ll still find the odd day available during winter too; rain only makes Moto Gymkhana more exciting and really tests your biking skills!

Once you’ve signed up for your day of fun, you’ll be sent all the relevant information ahead of the big day so you’re 100% prepared.

Find out more about the Moto Gymkhana championship and events right here! 

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