Learning to ride a motorbike

A real life account of going from a total novice Learner to passing your full bike licence UK…


Pass your CBT

So you want to learn to ride a motorbike? We'll take you through a step by step process with our own personal accounts but first stop - CBT!


Pass the UK motorbike theory test

So you've passed your CBT, the next step is to pass your motorbike theory test. Find out everything you need to know about breezing your theory test...


MOD 1 Motorcycle Training

Now you've passed your theory and completed your CBT, it's time to tackle the first steps to get your motorcycle licence with your Module 1 training.


MOD 2 Motorcycle Training

You're on the final leg of getting your motorcycle licence, all you've got left to do is pass your MOD 2 motorcycle training course. Here's what you need to know...