SERV Familiarisation Run

Published: May 14, 2015

SERV (Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers) are a truly admirable charity providing night transportation of valuable goods such as blood, breast milk and other urgent medical items for NHS hospitals for free!

Devitt are proud to be supporting SERV in their mission to deliver such a vital service to the NHS!

In this video, SERV Sussex Chairman, Mike Mara shares with us a familiarisation run in which SERV volunteers practice as part of the protocol to remain educated of correct routes, procedures and changes.

Mike Mara – SERV Chairman says:

“Anyone who follows the activities of blood bike groups around the country will be aware that volunteers give freely of their own time to deliver blood, human milk and other products at no cost to the NHS.

But consider the commitment that these volunteers make in terms of time and money to simply be able to provide such a service.

They are providing a professional level of service and all volunteers have to undertake various training and familiarisation activities to ensure that they are able to carry out their duties both safely and efficiently.

That’s not to say that it shouldn’t be enjoyable when the opportunity arises.

This video clip shows a group of new volunteers, accompanied by experienced riders, enjoying a group ride that includes visiting a location that is not a routine destination for SERV Sussex volunteers (Tooting).



This type of activity forms a regular part of the process involved in becoming a volunteer in Sussex and is repeated, at regular intervals, to ensure that all volunteers are kept aware of changes and updates.

If you would like to become involved please make contact with your local SERV group, but remember, it requires a real commitment!”

Mike Mara – Chairman SERV – Registered Charity No.: 284455

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