Motorbike Milly crowned ‘Britain’s Best Biking Buddy’

Published: August 28, 2018

We’ve been searching the country for ‘Britain’s Best Biking Buddies’ and we can officially announce that a winner has been found!  Britain’s top motorcycling pet is Glasgow-based Bichon Frise cross Motorbike Milly, who took the title with over 2,000 votes! Three-and-a-half-year-old Milly rides with her owner, Paul, on an almost daily basis. 

The hunt for ‘Britain’s Best Biking Buddies’ 

The competition, which saw entries from over 50 biking or biker-themed pets, ran between July and August. After a pet was entered, it also entered into a race to secure enough votes to make it into the top 12. From there, all other entries were eliminated so that the leading pets could battle it out for victory.

In total, the canine hopefuls received over 6,000 votes. Milly received over 2,000, though the competition became fierce as a fellow Instagram star – Teddy, a sidecar-loving Welsh Terrier – went neck-in-neck with Milly towards the finish.

Tough competition

It’s clear to see that the biking community are big fans of animals, especially making them part of the ride too! In a recent survey conducted by Devitt, it found that less than 1% of road-using Brits considered bikers to be friendly, but it’s clear to see that biking community welcomes anyone but especially those with furry friends in tow.

Our other finalists included Wingman, the three-legged dog who was rescued after being shot six times. He spends a lot of time with his owner, in his very own customised sidecar. Teddy the Welsh Terrier who tours Wales in his very trendy sidecar and personalised crash helmet.

Thinking about introducing your pet to the biking world? Check out our short guide on what to do next! 

From everyone at Devitt, we would like to congratulate Milly on her brand new title and say a big thanks to everyone who took part! Check out our gallery of our top 12 finalists… 

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