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Piaggio MP3 400 LT Review

Piaggio MP3 400 LT overview 

Sometimes two wheels just isn’t enough, meet Piaggio’s MP3 400 LT. It might look like a scooter but it holds the same laws as a Reliant Robin three-wheeler car, so you don’t technically need a bike licence to ride this machine, just a car one; this means you don’t need to wear a helmet – but you should! Piaggio are offering a free CBT for those who purchase the MP3 400 LT.

Although there’s two wheels at the front, you’ll soon appreciate the extra support and sturdiness that comes with the MP3 400 LT. It might be a scooter but it has the ability to reach up to 80mph so if you’re venturing out of the town then you’ll be able to keep up with the rest.

Unsuprisingly the MP3 400 LT is extremely comfortable, spacious and all round reliable. There is some under-seat storage and there’s a senor on the seat to stop the unlocking of the wheels when you’re not sitting on the bike – there’s no need to use the centre stand.

Piaggio MP3 400 LT spec 

Seat height 785mm
Weight 253kg
Engine Single cylinder, four-stroke
Capacity 399cc
Average fuel consumption 46mpg
Top speed 100mph
Insurance group

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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:BrassyReview Date: November 2017
Best passenger seat on a scooter
Ride Quality
Front suspension a bit hard
Build Quality & Reliability
Engine Rating
40hp just enough for around town and motorway. Will cruise at 80mph all day!
Brake Rating
Outbrake an r1
Running Cost
Servicing costs are high with frequently due services
Pros CommentsIf you need a maxi scooter and don't have a motorbike licence these three wheeled bikes can be ridden on a full car licence.
Cons CommentsBigger wheel and a twin cylinder engine.

Average Rating

Ride Quality
Build Quality
Engine Quality
Brake Rating
Running Cost
Overall Rating