BMW K1200R Overview

Experienced bikers will no doubt love the challenge that the BMW K1200R presents.  This naked motorcycle has plenty of power and torque and a unique retro look and takes some initial getting used to but once you have a handle on this bike you won’t look back.

The K1200R is definitely more of a touring bike than a sports bike and the engine backs this up; it has an in-line four which takes inspiration from the 1200S, BMW’s sports touring motorcycle but it has lower gearing and less wind protection which makes any ride feel much faster than on the BMW 1200S.  The engine might be pretty straightforward but it gives all the grunt you might need and plenty more besides.

This is not a bike for rookies, it is heavy and until you know how the bike rides it can feel tricky to handle; once you have learnt how to use it then you will find that despite its size it acquits itself well on twisting roads with good suspension too.  BMW’s are known for making bikes well and the 1200R is no exception; owners report limited issues other than with a few early models and as with all bikes, as long as you keep having them serviced regularly then they will just keep going.

There are plenty of additional add-ons you can purchase to customise this bike from Electronic Suspension Adjustment to a sports pack complete with 6 inch rims if you want to change things up as well.

BMW K1200R spec

Seat height820mm
Engine16v in-line, 6 gears
Average fuel consumption41mpg
Top speed170mph
Insurance group

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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:LuisReview Date: May 2017
Feels that we can keep going and going and going
Ride Quality
Very well engineered... sofa like riding position
Build Quality & Reliability
German built BMW has a known attitude towards quality... from 2006 onward it lost a bit but still very good built
Engine Rating
Boxer engine... huge and very reliable... clutch is a weak part of it... don't cook it otherwise it will cost you loads
Brake Rating
Servo powered ABS brakes.. just perfect
Running Cost
Pros CommentsIt is a heavy bike to ride… but when you got the hangs of it you can play as much as you can… On wet weather it hardly gets a wheel spin, the ABS brake system helps with locking and loosing the front end (try to rid it without the ABS on…) You have to learn how to use its bike and be gentile you the shaft drive otherwise it will cost you some money. The power band starts very low and even with a full petrol load you can fell the front wheel trying to lift up every time you open the throttle.. When you had it for a while it is difficult to change for another one… maybe changing for a newer version..
Cons CommentsThe clutch which has being improved on the new water cooled engines

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Ride Quality
Build Quality
Engine Quality
Brake Rating
Running Cost
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