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Moped Insurance for 16-year-olds

Get an insurance quote as a 16-year-old moped rider from Devitt today and we’ll compare prices from top UK insurers to find you our cheapest quote. We’ve been providing motorbike insurance for UK bikers since 1936, so you’re in expert and reliable hands.

Moped Insurance for 16-year-olds

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What can I expect to pay for my moped insurance as a 16-year-old?

Take a look at some real quotes for insurance for 16-year-olds to give you a better idea of what you could pay:

Kymco Spacer 50 Value £600.00
TPFT:£135.00 FULLY COMP:£251.00

Yamaha YQ 50 Aerox Value £600.00
TPFT:£135.00 FULLY COMP:£251.00

Gilera Typhoon XR 50 Value £600.00
TPFT:£157.00 FULLY COMP:£270.00

All prices are based on a 16-year-old, living in the BS27 area, with a provisional license and no NCD, for social, domestic and pleasure use only. Rates as of April 2015.

For 16-year-olds everywhere, enjoying a sense of independence can be a vital part of growing up as you head towards young adulthood, and having your own transport can play an important role in achieving that freedom.

However, at that age, your options are limited – you can’t begin learning to drive a car until you’re 17 and running around on four wheels can prove expensive when you factor in the likes of fuel, tax and insurance on top of the cost of the car itself.

That’s why mopeds prove such a popular alternative – you are eligible to ride one at 16, offering you the chance to get out on the roads a whole year before your friends learn to drive. You’ll need to meet certain criteria first, of course, such as completing your compulsory basic training (CBT). Another hurdle to overcome is taking out moped insurance for 16-year-olds, but that’s where Devitt can help you secure the best possible deal.

Here, we’ll run through all the ins and outs of moped insurance for 16-year-olds, as well as suggest some of the best models to insure for those riders who are new to the road.

What are you allowed to ride at 16 years of age?

At 16, you are legally allowed to ride a moped with a speed range of 25-45 km/h – essentially a 50cc. You need to complete your CBT, as well as a theory and practical test, to obtain a licence. To be legally roadworthy you also need adequate cover, and here at Devitt we can help to secure 50cc moped insurance for 16-year-olds, so you’ve come to the right place.

What to expect when taking out moped insurance for 16-year-olds

Because younger riders are not as experienced on the roads as their older counterparts, the average cost of moped insurance for 16-year-olds is higher than a premium for someone who has been riding for a long time. That’s because new riders are deemed to be a higher risk, based on the accident data analysed by the insurance providers. However, here at Devitt we will compare moped insurance quotes for 16-year-olds to get you the best possible deal.

What can you do to get cheap moped insurance for 16-year-olds?

There are several ways to reduce the cost of insurance, including: storing the moped in an off-road and secure facility, using robust locking equipment, completing extra training qualifications and limiting the mileage you cover in a year.

Another way to ensure you get the best available moped insurance for 16-year-olds is to compare providers, and that’s where Devitt can help you. We’ll trawl through quotes from multiple companies so you don’t have to, and from there you’ll be able to select the policy and price that best suits you.

Why choose Devitt to compare moped insurance for 16-year-olds?

These are just some of the reasons why you should come to Devitt for the best moped insurance for 16-year-olds:

  • Extensive experience: We’re the very first motorcycle insurance specialists in the UK, providing quotes since 1936, and we look after more than 115,000 customers.
  • Superb value: We offer additional discounts and give you access to competitive rates.
  • Impeccable reputation: We boast a rating of ‘Excellent’ from more than 8,000 reviews on Trustpilot.
  • Stellar service: Getting the best deal through us is fast and stress-free, while we can also send renewal reminders directly to your phone.
  • Strong partnerships: We’re fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, as well as being a member of the Motorcycle Industry Association, the British Motorcyclists Federation and the Motorcycle Action Group.

So, if you’re a 16-year-old looking to insure your first moped, why not get a quote?