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Motorcycle Safety Guide

With motorcyclists being one of the most vulnerable road users in the UK, it’s extremely important that you keep yourself as safe as possible when riding. Our exclusive guide to motorcycle safety covers everything from wearing the right safety gear, maintaining your motorbike, information about Smart Motorways and advanced training courses.


A few hand ways on giving your motorbike an extra level of security including:

  • Importance of security
  • Ways to reduce your insurance premium

Wearing the Correct Safety Gear

  • Helmets
  • Safety checks
  • Safety regulations
  • Protective clothing
  • Tips and advice

Motorcycle Maintenance

  • Daily, weekly, monthly checks
  • Oil level
  • Steering and suspension
  • Tyres
  • Lights and brakes

Preparations for your Journey

  • Planning ahead
  • Road and weather conditions
  • Riding with a pillion
  • Loading your motorbike
  • Your route

Advanced Motorcycle Training

  • How advanced training works
  • Types of advanced rider schemes
  • How to find a scheme near you
  • Tips for passing
  • Save money on your insurance

Smart Motorways

  • VMSs
  • Controlled motorway
  • All lane running
  • Hard shoulder running
  • Smart motorway locations