Assembly Chopper Show

Assembly Chopper Show

When? TBC for 2021

Where? Holland/London

Everything you need to know about Assembly Chopper

Organised by Dice Magazine and The Great Frog, one of the best rock-n-roll jewelers on the market, the Assembly Chopper Show is about showing the finest works of art in the Motorcycling world. As you can probably guess, the main focus is around choppers – and you’re sure to see some stunning yet wacky machines built just for the occasion.

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The event is usually held at the House of Van in London; however for 2020 they’re branching out to the Netherlands for one weekend only. The show itself is completely free to attend so you can get your motorcycling fix without any extra cost, whether you’re a big fan of choppers or not, it’s well worth a day out exploring.

Assembly Chopper show will be heading back to London for 2021 so you’ll be able to get your fix of chopper madness then.

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