Dom’s Bike Stop

Dom’s Bike Stop

Located only 12 miles away from the Welsh border, you’ll find Dom’s Bike Stop tucked away in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside. Based in a log cabin, Dom serves up freshly made meals and drinks for bikers, cyclists and walkers alike.

The great thing about Dom’s Bike Stop is all the produce is grown on site (where possible), including the meat. They have their very own breed pig that makes the sausages and bacon extra special. Not only that you may spot a few chickens around and their eggs will feature in your breakfasts. Whether you’re looking for break, lunch, a light bite or a hearty dinner then you’ve got to stop at Dom’s!

Due to the location of the cafe, there’s plenty of outdoor parking space and even the chance for camping if you’re touring the country. Bikers are always welcome at Dom’s.

Important Dom’s Bike Stop information




Opening times: Open daily

Location: West Eaton Nurseries, A44 Bromyard, Leominster, HR6 0NA


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