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A Guide to Motorcycle Helmets


ECE Update Helmet Safety Regulations

ECE have announced strict new testing for motorcycle helmets across Europe including impact tests and helmet technology to help keep riders safe. Read more.


History of Motorcycle Helmets in the UK

We take a look at the in-depth history of motorcycle helmets in the UK and how rules and regulations have changed over the years.


How are motorcycle crash helmets made?

Find out all about the 4 step process on the creation and construction of motorcycle crash helmets and weigh in on the full-faced vs open-faced helmet debate.



Find out what you need to know about the impressive 32 test process for motorcycle helmets and how the SHARP rating works.


Real vs Fake

Find out how to spot the difference between real vs fake motorcycle helmets, how to report them and how much should you be paying.


Recycling your old helmet

If you’re wondering what to do with your old motorcycle helmet then look no further. From upcycling to donating to charity, there’s plenty you can do with your old helmet before throwing it in the bin.


Buying a Helmet

Looking for your first, or next, motorcycle helmet? Well we've got it covered from finding out your helmet size to finding the right style for you.

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