WIN an AGV Horizon Helmet!

September 1st, 2014 | In: Motorbike
WIN - AGV Horizon Helmet

This competition has now closed. 


We are giving away a brand new AGV Horizon Helmet! To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is share your best piece of advice or a tip that you would give to a brand new biker.

Comment on this blog post below, share your words of wisdom and the lucky winner will be getting their hands on the prize. You will also need to LIKE and/or RETWEET our Facebook and Twitter post to be entered.

The winner will have the choice of 11 different colours and styles to choose from, all thanks to the 

We are running this competition for the month of September. Entry closes on Tuesday 30th September 2014 at 12am.

Check the terms and conditions for full details.

Good luck!


Win an AGV Horizon Helmet

Terms and Conditions

The expression ‘promoter’ refers to Devitt Insurance Services Limited, registered in England under company number 2438974, whose registered office is at North House, St Edwards Way, Romford, Essex RM1 3PP

Terms and Conditions:

  1. There is one prize, which consists of one AGV Horizon helmet.
  2. The winner will be able to choose from eleven different designs of AGV Horizon helmets.
  3. Entry is open to UK residents only. Entry is not open to employees of Devitt Insurance Services Ltd. or anyone involved in the administration of the competition.
  4. To enter the competition, entrants must do both of these things:
    1. ‘Like’ Devitt Insurance Services Limited competition post on Facebook and/or ‘retweet’ the competition post on the Devitt Insurance Services Limited Twitter page by 12am on Tuesday 30th September 2014.
    2. Post a motorcycling tip or piece of advice on the competition blog found on the Devitt website by 12am on Tuesday 30th September 2014.
  5. Both actions above must be taken otherwise the entry is invalid.
  6. By entering this competition all entrants give permission to the promoter using any comments such as motorcycling tips that they have posted for future use.
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  10. The winner will be selected if they satisfy the conditions of entry set out here.
  11. Participants entering in any other manner will not be accepted.
  12. The promoter accepts no responsibility for unsuccessful entries due to technical, communication or other problems.
  13. No purchase is necessary.
  14. No cash alternative is available. The promoter’s decision is final.
  15. The winner will be selected at random on Tuesday 30th September 2014.
  16. The winner agrees to take part in any publicity connected with this competition.
  17. In the event that the prize is not claimed by 12pm on the Monday 6th October after the draw, the prize will be deemed forfeited and the promoter reserves the right to select an alternative winner.
  18. Entering the competition signifies the entrant’s consent to these terms and conditions and by accepting this prize; you agree to abide by the rules as stipulated.
  • Tanya E Lawrence

    Always open your visor before a sneeze

  • Jeff Cain

    Invest in the best possible protective equipment you can afford , How much is your head and body worth ?

  • Jo welsh

    Never trust a cars indicator

  • peaf79

    My tip – you’re never quite as good a rider as you think you are!

  • Dean Gardner

    Remember to turn off your indicator, it’s not a car!

  • Mark Griffin

    My best tip is never ride beyond your real ability level and take advanced training, its a lifesaver.

  • Lee Paradoxical Postlethwaite

    Always assume you havent been seen by car drivers and pedestrians. Even if they have looked right at you!

  • Jim Yates

    watch your road position to avoid diesel patches, especially on bus routes

  • Danny Goodridge

    Ride like you’re invisible to every other road user! (In a sensible way (

  • Matt McC

    Dont attack every corner. Take them slower than you THINK you can as its far better to ride out of the corner knowing you can do better than to end up in a ditch (or worse into oncoming traffic) wishing you had dropped the pace.

  • Andrea Mead

    a view from a pillion – don’t wear all black, wear at least a helmet with some colour

  • suzy hindmarsh

    Don’t ride faster than your guardian angel can fly

    • Ivailo Ilkov Bakalov

      That’s written on the back of my Icon of Jesus 🙂

  • Stuart J Dunlop

    Many issues can be solved by ensuring that you keep some cable ties and some Duck Tape under the seat.

  • Arthur Yarwood

    Look where you want to go!
    Probably hammered in whilst learning, but still easy to forget and can take time to make it an instinct. Keep reminding yourself, especially on every tight corner and U-turn.

  • Don Tocher

    Helmets: Schuberth. Clothes: Rukka. Cleaning: SDOC-100. & most importantly: keep the shiny side up & the grimy side down!

  • Valko Yotov

    sound great

  • Jacob Bixley

    Keep your eyes open and be aware of EVERYTHING around you. And release the death grip on the handlebars, relax and enjoy it

  • Jonathan Rickard

    Just ride defensively and pretend you are invisible to all other road users!

  • Karlana Smith

    Firstly remind yourself that riding a motorbike is more dangerous than driving a car. Be more alert. Always think that the other road users cannot see you, only make your move when you’ve seen them look at you or read their chassis language. Wear the right protective gear; leather’s, gloves, boots, helmet, oh and of course for the ladies – matching underwear!

  • Gareth

    ride as if everyone can not see you

  • Kath Ferns

    Always ride for yourself, don’t try push yourself too much too soon and never, ever get ya leg over without the proper protection!

  • Ron Southern

    You have to think for others!

  • Michael Smith

    Enjoy each ride like it may be your last, don’t take life to seriously. You will never get out alive.

  • Ivailo Ilkov Bakalov

    I give to everyone my first advice that I took- ” Ride with fear! When the fear disappear- stop riding or change the bike!”

  • Lucy Barnes

    Take your time, every ride is a learning experience and even the most experienced of riders can in some way improve their riding. So don’t worry about being the best, just try to be confident and remember every biker was once a new biker.

  • RickNbacker

    If you feel yourself getting angry in traffic, recognise that it will affect your riding style negatively and calm down.

  • Kirschley

    Try not to race or keep up with other bikes. Keep a good distance from All vehicles so that if they do not break or indicate in a situation you have plenty of time to slow down and mauve yourself out of any possible danger. Be visible, wear Hi-Vis gear as much as possible. Finally enjoy the ride.

  • GeoffD

    Earplugs make a massive difference

  • Philip Hill

    Remember the Life Saver- always look over your right shoulder before pulling off or making a right maneuver/turn

  • Tim Boundy

    Take the IAMs advanced riders courses from the riders clubs. I’m in TVAM (Thames Valley Advanced Motorcyclists). Essentially free lessons (fun rideouts) with very experienced bikers and it really improves your awareness of everything on the road.

  • Nodyag

    ride safe & enjoy yourself

  • Helen Louise Cribbin

    dont trust other roads users…you might see them… but they might not see you…

  • annette jones

    Apply a green dot to your helmet and put a piece of card in your helmet with emergency contact numbers on it

  • Pete Perriss

    If your not there it can’t happen, Wise words from a motorcyclist of 41 years.

  • Mark Coltham

    STRETCH, cramping up while riding isn’t just horrible its dangerous.

  • Jim Taylor

    Go at your own pace!

  • Lewis Fox

    You must always be able to stop in the distance you can see. (basically if you cant stop where you can see, you should slow down you never know whats round the corner)

  • Paul Mellor

    Use all the road and keep your head and eyes moving at all times

  • Ella Swinbank

    And watch out for washing lines eek!

  • Rob Andrews

    Don’t be a fool, and ride your own ride!

  • Richard Hickson

    the hardest thing to control about a motor bike is inside the helmet, protect it !

  • Steve

    Always keep your visor clean and dont ride off without fastening it (Ive done that a few times)!

  • Tom Wright

    Always assume everyone else on the road is an unpredictable idiot, because, generally, they are.

  • Simon Payne

    make sure you got your helmet on the right way

  • Robert Kacala

    Muhammad Ali was fighting too long without helmet

  • Robert Kacala

    AGV…Always Get Vision beyond Horizon

  • Robert Kacala

    “Life is tough , get a helmet” Sasha Cohen

  • Robert Kacala

    without helmet your first accident will be the last one……with the helmet just the first of many

  • Robert Kacala

    Just google : Helmet…….About 131,000,000 results (0.29 seconds)

  • Hannah Smith

    Don’t feel pressured by others, go at your own pace. Just because others are going quicker than you, or riding with a certain style don’t feel that you have to do the same. Build up your confidence on the bike and on the road. Get yourself comfortable & always be conscious of other vehicles.

  • Tulki Jenkins

    The only limit is in your mind. You can always lean a degree more, you can always brake later, you can ride in the rain. The only thing stopping you is you!

  • Stewart MacGregor

    Women’s tights and rubber gloves aren’t just for perverts – can keep you warm (tights) and dry (gloves) when on the bike, just don’t crash – could be awkward discussions in A&E 🙂

  • Kirsty Samuels

    Invest in good quality tyres, its not like a car, you will feel the difference with good rubber!

  • Bullydia

    Tyres and brakes, make sure they are in the best condition possible.

  • Paul Jones

    Pre-ride checks ( tyres – e.g condition, pressure, tread depth – fluids – lights ) can be the difference between a great ride and spending the time sat beside the road, waiting for a recovery truck.

  • Steven C

    Look out for yourself and others will look out for you

  • Dominic

    Ride as much as you can, whenever you can, as well as you can. There is no substitute for practice. You`ll get better!

  • Raptiss

    Silk lined gloves in the winter means my fingers will still work after ten minutes!

  • Oli Allen

    Never stop learning!

  • Kevin Walden

    Always ride safe & within the limits of your experience.

  • Tulki Jenkins

    Don’t pick a bike purely on suggestions and tech specs. Go to a dealer and sit on every style of bike, feel what’s right for you and what’s comfortable. If you are uncomfortable on your bike you won’t be confident or happy and you will put yourself at risk of accident’s if you are constantly fidgeting to be comfy 🙂

  • glyn

    Never let ambission out outweigh your talent

  • Lee Bibby

    be totally aware and enjoy the freedom

  • Mario Forget

    Let traffic get ahead to have a clear stretch of road for a while.

  • Always ride as if you are invisible and assume car drivers are not fully concentrating. Have fun and ride with right gear!

  • Clinton Rushton

    Always be aware when overtaking in traffic for cars just pulling out to do a 3 point turn

  • Scott Wilson

    Stay safe. No one wants to see an empty place at the Christmas Lunch table this year.

  • Asongforguy

    Do not give ANY decision about your safety on the road, to another driver or rider

  • dandavidgreenhalgh .

    always look at a drivers eyes not just the car

  • Rachel Canning

    Enjoy yourself, but expect everybody to pull out on you, because they probably will.

  • Ian Prescott

    New riders don’t get out of your comfort zone when riding with others or in a group. If the pace is too quick just slow down and enjoy the ride and get to the other end shiny side up.

  • toby johnson

    Slow and steady pace and dont race

  • patrick jarvis

    The beginning of any safe ride begins with you!

  • Jason Lydford

    When in doubt……Don’t!

  • Ninjazxrjoe

    Treat every car driver like a child in a little tykes pedal car, they don’t know where they are going and can just turn or stop at any time

  • Danne Qvarfordt

    Ride and enjoy every second of it !!

  • Jeremy Rance

    Get the 2 second rule firmly stuck in your head , dont learn it the hard way
    Oh and buy some vaseline lol

  • Kevin Reid

    Ride like everyone is out to get you. That way you are ready for them. Look after your bike and it will look after you. Lube the chain at the end of a run while the chain is warm. The lube gets in better will dry in and make less mess

  • Paul O’Brien

    Always remember the two second rule. Listen to advice from experienced bikers, ride defensively and never be forced in to riding above your ability. Chicken strips are for the race track!

  • Graham Corley

    Always remember your life saver,ride to your limits, enjoy the riding !

  • David Fawcett

    You do not have to over take at every chance – relax and enjoy the ride, enjoy the experience – don’t be pressurised – even if others are flying past, you have nothing to prove.

  • Daniel Dixon

    Your tool kit should also included a freshly made flask of tea/coffee/hot-chocolate and two bacon sandwiches!

  • Carl Pearce

    Where the best you can afford, you can always buy a new bike, you can’ another head or femur.

    Ride safe.

    • Devitt

      Congratulations Carl! You’re the winner of our competition. We loved your advice.
      Please email so we can arrange your prize. Well done!

  • Alan Jackson

    treat every other user as an IDIOT

  • Jonathon Shannon

    Look after your bike and it will look after you.
    Look way ahead and plan for the unexpected. Be safe….

  • James King

    The best advice I was given when learning was to ride like everyone is trying to knock you off. Saved me from accidents a few times!