Why being a biker is the best…

Published: June 29, 2015

Becoming a biker is a no-brainer: 

With over 100,000 new motorcycles registered in 2014, it goes without saying that being a biker is the best.

In general bikers have a better knowledge of the road – 60% of bikes knowing that 150ft is the safe stopping distance at 30mph, compared to 34% of drivers!

Car drivers who also ride a motorbike are 23% less likely to make a claim on their insurance policy too!


It’s a simple enough decision to make when it comes to reducing congestion. If you replaced 10% of cars with motorcycles time loss for all vehicles would decrease by 40%.

What about if you replaced 25% of all cars with motorbikes instead?

Congestion would be eliminated entirely!

By commuting via motorcycle you could gain one day a month back. Guilford to London takes 74 minutes by train and only 53 minutes on your bike.

Going green:

Total emissions could be reduced by 6% if 10% of all cars were replaced by motorbikes.

Growing community:

In 2014, 101,277 new motorcycles were registered. This number has grown month-on-month through 2015.

Boost the economy:

The Isle of Man TT is one of the oldest road races in history being around for over 100 years.

368,000 people attended BSB events across the country each year and 8,000,000 fans watched 310 hours of TV coverage.

The motorcycle industry employs 58,000 people within the industry.

£5.3billion is generated through net annual sales.

It’s not all about facts and figures:

As a biker you’re in fantastic company with the likes of David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling often spotted out and about on two-wheels.

Best of all:

A study by the Office for National Statistics found that people who commute via motorbike were happier and had great well-being due to reduced commuting time.

Can you think of any other reasons why being a biker is the best? 


Why you should become a biker infographic

2 comments on “Why being a biker is the best…”

avatarLes Warburtonsays:

If this is all true why is tax on a bike more than cars?. why did they make it harder for young people to own bikes and pass there test? its now really expensive to pass because of all the new rules.

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