Ride to Work Week: 16th – 22nd June

Published: June 18, 2014


All about Ride to Work Day

Did you notice anything unusual about your commute on Monday?  Perhaps you countered less traffic than normal?  Or maybe there were fewer people squeezing onto trains and buses?

Monday the 16th June was of course the annual Ride to Work Day.  Originally an informal event to increase awareness of motorcycling as a transportation alternative, Ride to Work Day now takes place internationally, in countries like the US, Australia, Germany, France, Slovenia, Israel, Turkey, Ecuador, the Philippines and of course, the United Kingdom.

What happens on Ride to Work Day?

In Great Britain, the Ride to Work Day observed internationally coincides with the start of the National Ride to Work Week (16th to 22nd June).  On this day, motorbike and scooter riders come out in force to show how pleasant the daily commute can be, if you are riding instead of driving or catching public transport.  Many continue to ride to work for the rest of the week; and there are also numerous motorcycling events taking place in this period for those who would like to join in

Who participates on Ride to Work Day?

Anyone appropriately licensed to ride a motorcycle or scooter can take part.  If you are a seasoned rider who already uses this mode of transport for your commute, then this event for you is really about encouraging others to consider riding as an alternative.  You can get friends and colleagues to become interested by giving them a lift; you can also explain the advantages of your commute and let them see for themselves how enjoyable it is to ride to work.

If you own a bike but don’t usually use it for travelling to work, then this event gives you a chance to find out whether commuting by motorbike is suitable for you.  Of course, if you have always been interested in riding but have never tried it out, then seeing all the motorbikes and scooters out on the roads might just finally prompt you to book your first motorcycling lesson.

Benefits of Riding to Work

The main purpose of the Ride to Work Day event is to showcase the advantages that can be achieved through riding a motorcycle or scooter to work.

The number one benefit is cost savings, which result from cheaper road taxes, free or low-cost parking, the exemption for motorbikes and scooters from the London Congestion Charge, and fuel economy.  Given fuel efficiency varies between motorbike models, it is worth researching to find out the best bikes in terms of fuel consumption before buying.

Time saving is another life changing benefit from riding to work.  As it has been well documented, studies have shown that commuters are less satisfied with life and suffer lower levels of happiness.  Riding to work can change that – there will be no need to squeeze onto packed trains and buses, or deal with unexpected but frequent delays.  If just a few of us stop driving our cars, the roads will be a lot less congested.

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