Purchasing Motorcycle Eyewear

Published: March 24, 2015

So, what’s the deal with motorbike glasses and goggles?  Do you really need them, and how do you go about choosing the best eyewear to suit your needs?

When to invest in motorcycle eyewear

Not everyone needs to buy goggles or sunglasses.  If you use a full-coverage helmet that has a full face shield, you may not need additional eyewear at all.  However, if you have an open-faced helmet, then it is a different story.

It might seem an obvious point, but nevertheless a useful reminder particularly for those who are new to motorbike riding – your eyes need protection when you ride at all times!  There simply isn’t a moment when you can take your hand off to rub or clear them.  So, glasses and goggles aren’t just worn to complete the look; they provide an important function in keeping out wind and debris so you can ride with a clear visual for your entire journey.

Consider your enemies

We’re not talking about people you hate of course, but rather potential hazards on the road such as dust, sand, rain, wind, the sun and even bugs.  The first step to getting great eyewear actually involves having a think about the sort of journeys you will do on your bike and the conditions in which you will ride in.

If you plan to do longer journeys, then investing in eyewear with features that prevent the wind from getting behind the goggles and drying out your eyes is crucial.  On the other hand, if you are using your bike to commute in urban areas where you expect to stop and start frequently, then you will want eyewear with good ventilation to prevent fogging and sweating around the eyes.

A word about lenses

There are numerous options when it comes to lenses, but some useful features for you to think about include:

  • Scratch resistant coating – this is a clear coat that will protect your glasses from being scratched from normal everyday use.
  • Polarised lenses – glare is a big problem for all road users, and polarised lenses are designed to cut this out so you can see more clearly.
  • Anti-fog treatment – this keeps your lenses clear while you ride.
  • UV protection – this feature is more of an investment for the long term. Although ultraviolet rays won’t affect your next ride on the road, it could cause cataracts and other eye problems in the long term.

Can you wear your vision glasses?

Riders who wear glasses often want to know if they can get away with wearing their normal glasses for their rides rather than buying motorbike eyewear.  The answer is a definite no, since your glasses won’t have the rubber or foam seals that keep out wind, dust and other debris.

Investing in comfort

The best goggles for you are those that fit you snugly.  You could choose additional features such as vents to improve ventilation, as well as getting eyewear that’s adjustable to ensure they feel just right.

Money, money, money

Riding involves a fair bit of spending – your bike, helmets, leathers and eyewear just to name a few things.  Since all these are essentials, it is a good idea to insure not just your bike but also some of your accessories so you can make a claim in the event they get damaged.  For affordable insurance, take a look at the Personal Accident with Leathers and Helmet cover from Devitt.  Not only is this product inexpensive, you can make a claim for your gear even if you have not suffered physical injuries in an accident.

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