How to make your van insurance cheaper

Published: May 2, 2014

Your van must be insured, and although there are plenty of different insurance providers to choose from (none quite as good as Devitt), this does not mean it is easy to find particularly cheap insurance (although, hey, we do all we can to keep your costs down). However, there are some ways to make your van insurance that bit cheaper, while still securing the most suitable insurance for your needs.

Secure your van

Having a secure van that is less likely to be stolen or broken into can lower your van insurance premiums. Take measures to make your van secure, such as adding an alarm, a handbrake lock or park your van in a secure location overnight, such as a secure garage. You could even add a tracker to your van or get it security marked.

If you are using your van for work, you should consider using it for advertising, as this can surprisingly lower your premiums. This is because working, easily identifiable business vans are less likely to be stolen, making your van instantly more secure. Whatever you choose to do, making your van more secure can save you money.

Declare your no claims bonus

If you’re a good driver, make it known. Even if your good driving history comes from your car or a different work vehicle, you should still tell your insurance company as you may be seen as a lower risk, thereby reducing your premium. If you use your van for work, even a letter from your employer stating your good driving history with the vehicle could help to lower insurance costs.

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Pay van insurance premiums annually

One of the simplest ways of paying less for your insurance is to pay annually rather than in monthly instalments, as most insurers will offer you a discount if you agree to pay upfront. Although this may seem hard to do initially, it saves you money in the long run.

Use a small a van

You may need a big van for work, but if the van’s size does not matter too much, then opt for the smallest van possible, considering both the size of the van and the size of the engine. Usually, the smaller the van, the lower the van insurance. If you can happily make do with a smaller engine, then you should consider this, as it will lower your running costs as well as your insurance premiums.

State your van’s accurate mileage

Always give an accurate mileage rather than rounding up to the nearest hundred, as even this small step could push you into a higher insurance rate. Try to cover fewer miles in your job or personal use, depending on how you use the van, as the less mileage you cover, the less likely you are to be involved in an incident, thus lower insurance premiums. However, as important as it is to be precise, it is also important to be truthful.

State the van’s use

Whether you use your van for work or for personal use, be sure to let the insurance company know, as personal vans usually have cheaper insurance than business vans. However, in this case it is incredibly important to be truthful, or you may find that you do not have the appropriate cover for your needs.

Overall, van insurance is a necessity when you are on the road in the UK, and insurance premiums can be expensive. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t simple, straightforward steps you can take that can make a surprising difference to the price of your van insurance.

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