An Introduction to ‘Get On’

Published: March 16, 2015

There’s nothing quite like experiencing that feeling of freedom and excitement as you jump on to your bike and ride the open (or sometimes congested) road. Whether you ride for the pure pleasure of it, for the convenience or to lower your cost to commute it’s probably pretty fair to say there’s nothing quite like being a biker! Perhaps you don’t own a motorbike, but as you’re reading this blog we can probably presume that you have some level of interest in biking, and that’s where the Get On campaign comes in!

What’s great about Get On is that they provide potential riders with a fun and unique way of deciding whether or not biking is for them. Get On offers a free ride at any of their 100 approved motorcycle training schools across the UK. The Get On experience can be taken before you commit to your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT); so it’s a really good way of getting introduced to different types of motorcycles and getting a feel for riding. So, before you take what can seem like a big leap into the motorcycling world we strongly advise you find out where your nearest Get On approved school is and book yourself onto a Free Ride!

Here’s a look at how cricket hero Darren Gough got on during his CBT for Get On…

Darren’s not the only familiar face to ‘Get On’, here’s a look at how Dame Kelly Holmes did…

Along with various training schools across the UK Get On also hold free rides at various events. You may have spotted them at Motorcycle Live. Here, potential bikers are able to take a test ride around a circuit with a qualified instructor – it’s hassle and cost free, so when you’re next at a motorcycle or scooter related event make sure you look out for Get On!

Here’s what Public Relations Officer Stevie Muir has to say about the campaign:

“Whether you are looking to use a small motorcycle or scooter for purely functional purposes, or you fancy yourself as the next Guy Martin, the Get On website is the ‘go to’ place for information.
You can find out all you need to know, from what license is suitable for your needs, to an explanation of what different ‘styles’ and brands are out there, plus how to find a trainer or your local dealer.”

There is a vast amount of evidence to support the Get On campaign. Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) highlight a Belgian study showing that when 25% of car drivers swapped to a powered two wheeler congestion was completely eliminated. It has also been stated that an increased number of two wheelers could result to safer roads!

So, if you’re thinking about getting into biking then make sure you visit Get On!
They’ll guide you through the process from you’re very first free trial ride all the way through to the purchase of your first bike…so what are you waiting for…‘Get On!’

For more information about Get On or if you want to book your free test ride then click here to visit the Get On website.

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