How ULEZ Will Impact Motorcyclists

April 5th, 2019 | In: Motorbike, News, ULEZ

Ultra Low Emissions Zone will be effective as of Monday 8th April 2019, the new introduction will see a £12.50 per day charge for motorcycles manufactured before the introduction of Euro 3 in 2007 to ride through the City of London; it is believed that almost 2000 motorcycles in the City will be impacted by the new change.

Although we all understand why there’s a need to lower pollution and emissions especially in the Capital – for the health benefits, for our future generations and for our planet, but it seems us motorcyclists have been tarred with the same brush as those running HGV lorries, diesel-spilling vans and buses, and general old bangers.

There are ways to overcome the ULEZ charge for those owners of pre-2007 machines by proving that your motorbike complies with the new emissions standards. This can be done by providing a Certificate of Conformity from the manufacturer or by paying to have your motorcycle tested, which can cost £175.

The next step is to roll out the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone will be rolled out to the South and North Circular boundaries by 2021 meaning that it reach areas covering a wide area will impact even thousands more motorcyclists.

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), as well as the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) have been working hard to try to convince Transport for London to change the ULEZ charge for motorcyclists, by asking them to wait until clearly data can be proved showing that motorcycles actually comply with the new low emissions criteria.

London bus and motorbike

Motorcycling is popular in London, but will the ULEZ charge impact this?

MCIA Communications Manager, Nick Broomhall said: “Although initially in favour of this suggestion, it is now apparent that TfL is intent on respecting the 8th April introduction date, as it believes only about 2000 PTWs are affected.

“We are now pursuing the Mayor’s office daily about this. We have a pretty good relationship with TfL and things had looked positive. Then it went a little bit quiet. This is probably a bigger issue than TfL imagined. There are motorcycle models older than 2007 that meet the relevant emissions standard but because it was never envisaged that this information would be needed in the future, it was not recorded at the time.

“Potentially, people could be paying the ULEZ charge when they don’t need to. I think everyone needs to take a deep breath until we have all the information we need. That would be the best course for TfL and for the riding community. ”

The motorcycling community has always gone above and beyond to encourage new riders to join them, by helping reduce congestion and a great way of saving money – however will these new charges deter any influx of new riders?

Does the new ULEZ impact you and your motorcycle? Do you think it’s fair for motorcyclist to be charged on the same tariff as buses and lorries?