Devitt Insurance Reviews – some of our favourites

Published: August 21, 2014

It’s been a busy few months here at Devitt, especially with the motorbike season in full swing. So we would like to share a few of our favourite reviews of the year so far. We’ve got some very happy, and creative customers out there. This is a ‘Thank You’ to you.



Postcard review edit

It’s not often that you receive post that isn’t junk mail  or bills, so it was a pleasant surprise when we received this hand written postcard earlier in the year. Mr. Walsh has been insured with Devitt since 1998, and see’s us as a friend. He even lit a candle for us at his local church.

Twitter Review

Our next review comes from Twitter. One customer had such great service on the phone he wanted to take one of our call centre staff out for a drink! We treated her with some goodies to say thank you for all her hard work.

We use the independent review site TrustPilot to gather customer reviews and feedback in order to continually improve our service. We have hand-picked a couple of very creative ones that entertained us! Thanks for all of your Devitt Motorcycle Insurance Reviews they are all important to us…

A Trip to Mars 

Jack, just to tell you about my trip to the planet Mars, can you believe it, but Devitt got a office their , all the Marshans that work their are a very friendly bunch, and helpful.

Mr. N. Holden 

Ride it and rev it, I choose Devitt!

All it takes is a glimpse of sunshine, the sight of a daffodil and a middle age man’s thoughts turn to the old motorbike that has been sleeping soundly in the shed at the bottom of the garden.
Another year older, another year rustier, will ‘Old Faithful’ fire up third time of asking as she did last year?

Will she emerge from her hibernation ready to embrace a new year with the same enthusiasm that the sparrows welcome springtime on my windowsill each morning?

As motorcyclists up and down the country blink , yawn and stretch in ritualistic realisation of the need to ride, the nascent enthusiasm is tempered somewhat when it slowly dawns that before hitting the road the perennial favourites such as MOT, tax, servicing and insurance need sorting first.

Just as I remain loyal to my garage which knows my bike inside out, (literally), undertakes the service and MOT, thus clearing the path to a tax disk via the Internet, I also remain loyal to my insurance provider.

One quick call to Devitt to confirm the details and I’m good to go. I ride secure in the knowledge that I obtained a competitive quote and that I’m dealing with people who understand bikes and bikers.

In a world of rising living costs and increasing complexity, more people are turning to biking and the freedom and camaraderie that the lifestyle has always offered.

It is important to the biking fraternity that, in a changing world, certain values are maintained. Trust, loyalty, dedication and consistency will never go out of fashion. That’s why I choose Devitt for my insurance.

Mr. C. Skelton 

Go East or go West Devitt is the best ?

Best policies at reasonable premiums..

Mr. J. Singh 

Half the Time, Half the Hassle, Half the Cost…

Honestly, I can’t go wrong. I’ve been with Devitt for a few years now & every year the renewal comes through it’s cheaper.

Not like when I get the renewals on house, car, dog etc – they always tack “extras” on that aren’t required or just put the price up & then when you phone them put it back down “as a favour”.

Devitt cut all that rubbish out & treat you with honesty & integrity from the start. And that’s why I’m with them….

Mr D White 

Dealing with Devitt is a Delight 

Always very helpful and efficient, used them since purchasing my BMW in 1996.

Mr B Swain 

Your helmet covers your head DEVITT covers your bike

Could not fault Devitt Insurance, easy to deal with, and easy to speak to on the phone, at the end of the day that’s all  you need.

Mr G Smith 



We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who trusted us with their motorcycle insurance this year, and provided us with feedback.

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