Continual Growth of Motorcycle Sales – 2015 Report

Published: February 9, 2015

The latest press statistics from the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) of new motorcycle registrations for January 2015 are in and they show some positive results!

Figures show that for new motorcycle registrations sales have risen by 11.3% over the past year.
There has been a continual growth for sales of new motorcycles for the past 12 months; sales are at the highest they have been in five years.

During 2013 91,908 new motorcycles, scooters and mopeds were registered, during 2014 the amount registered was 101,277.

The naked style motorcycle saw a significant increase in sales over the past year, sales for this style of bike rose by 43%. Another style of bike that did particularly well during 2014 was the touring motorcycle which saw an increase in sales of 36.4%.

When comparing engine sizes, statistics show that the larger motorcycles did particularly well too, bikes with engine sizes between 651cc and 1000cc saw an increase in sales of 18%.

Further positive results show there has been an increased number of powered two wheelers on the roads, during 2014 the number increased to 1,326,500 – that’s the highest it has been for 5 years.

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