Bike Thieves Behind Bars!

February 4th, 2015 | In: Motorbike Safety

Four men have been jailed for their involvement in a pre-planned motorcycle theft. John Stevenson had spotted the thieves van which was parked outside his home in Newton Abbot in the early hours of the morning.

After realising that his Honda CBR600 had been taken from outside his house Stevenson immediately alerted the police. Thankfully Stevenson had noted down the number plate of the van and the police were able to stop the van on the A380 near Exeter. They discovered Stevenson’s Honda in the van along with a Yamaha 125.

The judge in charge of the trial said the Cardiff gang were on a ‘pre-planned, organised expedition’ and a ‘professional operation’ when they stole the two bikes.

The four thieves’ original story was that they were returning from a fishing trip, they soon however admitted that they were in search for high-value motorcycles to steal.

Judge Phillip Wassall at Exeter Crown Court told the men: ‘Your white Ford Transit was stopped and police found two motorcycles in the back, an almost new Yamaha 125 and the Honda 600, which although slightly older was still a valuable vehicle.’

It has been reported that one of the four men was on bail over two stolen motorcycles and all four of them had criminal records.

Dean Lace, 29, has been jailed for 18 months, Warren Snell, 33, got 20 months. Luke Spinks, 22, has been jailed for 23 months and Jamie Arnold, 26, got 28 months.

Clockwise from top left: Luke Spinks, Dean Lace, Jamie Arnold and Warren Snell