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Motorcycle Safety Guide



Top tips and advice on keeping your motorbike safe and secure when out and about from tracking devices to locks and chains.


Wearing the Correct Safety Gear

Learn more about what motorcycle safety gear to wear when on the roads including; protective clothing, helmets, gloves, visors and goggles!


Motorcycle Maintenance

Learn more about motorcycle maintenance including information on - oil levels, steering and suspension, coolant, tyres, lights, brakes and the drive chain!


Preparations for your Journey

Learn everything you need to know when preparing for a big journey on your bike; includes information on weather, road conditions and riding with a pillion!


Advanced Motorcycle Training

Learn more about why completing advanced motorcycle training is a good idea, understand how to go about taking a course and why it will benefit you as a rider.


Smart Motorways

Learn more about why Smart Motorways exist and how they help you as a biker keeping you safe when riding.

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