Covid-19 statement

At Devitt we take the health and wellbeing of our employees and customers very seriously.

COVID-19 has presented  us all with unique challenges and we would like  to reassure all of our customers and business partners that we are pro-actively maintaining a responsible and common-sense approach to staying open for business, informed at all times by UK Government guidelines regarding safe working.

As such, and in line with the UK Government’s guidelines, the vast majority of our staff are working from home at this time.

In circumstances where working from home is not possible the following measures have been put in place for the protection of our employees and visitors:

  • All employees must follow the Government guidelines and wash their hands frequently. Hand sanitisers are available at all entry and exit points for the use of staff and visitors.
  • Our employees have been advised to avoid public transport if at all possible as a means of getting to and from work. In circumstances where it is unavoidable they must follow UK Government guidelines at all times with regard to use of face coverings etc.
  • We are implementing strict social distancing rules both in the office and its immediate vicinity – e.g. Car Park and other shared spaces.
  • We are limiting face to face contact with clients and suppliers to an absolute minimum. When that is unavoidable strict social distancing rules apply.
  • In addition to the normal ongoing daily cleaning our office areas have also received an additional and thorough deep clean.
  • We will continue to provide our employees with the latest guidance on preventing the spread of COVID-19.
  • We provide all of our employees with free access to a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme which provides a wide range of support including counselling to help ensure their wellbeing, including their mental health.

In line with UK Government and HSE advice we have carried out a Covid Risk Assessment to ensure that we can comply with UK Government guidance that you can read here.

We are closely following the Government’s advice and will update this statement as required upon receipt of further Government guidance.

June 2020