Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that store information on your hard drive or web browser and are useful to both us and you in many ways. They help improve your experience of our website by saving time on common occurrences like inputting your details no more than once on a contact form. We find cookies useful because they allow us to analyse customer interaction on our site, which in turn allows us to make any necessary improvements.

Our policy on cookies is that we do not pass on, or sell on, details to any other company. Your details are completely confidential.

The cookies we use

Here are the types of cookies we use, what they’re used for and some examples of how we use them.

Some cookies are essential
These cookies are essential for you to use our website. Without them, services like getting a quote or buying online won’t work. Some examples from our website are:

Cookie name Cookie purpose
JSESSIONID This enables you to carry out some essential functions on our sites, such as maintaining log in details for the session or a transaction. It also helps by minimising the need to transfer information across the internet. It is not stored on your computer and they expire when you terminate your browser session.
Omiture SiteCatalyst This enables us to recognise repeat visitors to the site. By matching an anonymous, randomly generated identifier, we’re able to record specific browsing information such as how you arrive at the site, the pages you view, options you select, and the path you take through the site. By monitoring this information we’re able to make improvements to our websites. We use Omniture’s software to analyse page use, page interactions and the routes our customers take through our sites. These are known as ‘web metrics’. We don’t record any personal information you provide during an on-site purchase or any other process


Some cookies are non-essential

These cookies collect information about how visitors use our website, like which pages visitors go to most often, how long they stay on them and if they get error messages. These cookies do not collect information that can identify a visitor; all information collected is anonymous and we only use it to improve how our website works. Some examples of non-essential cookies from our website are:

Cookie name Cookie purpose
Enables the function of Google Analytics software. This software helps analyse visitor information (including the browser and device they’re using). The data stored by these cookies never show any confidential information.

Remarketing cookies

Our cookies can also be used to affect adverts you see on other websites. For example, if you have read some information related to a Devitt product on our site, we may use this information to show you relevant adverts on other websites that have signed up to the Google Display Network.

You can opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google’s Ads Settings.

Google Analytics

Our website uses Google Analytics, which is a web analytics service by Google.


We use Hotjar in order to better understand our users’ needs and to optimize this service and experience. Hotjar is a technology service that helps us better understand our users’ experience (e.g. how much time they spend on which pages, which links they choose to click, what users do and don’t like, etc.) and this enables us to build and maintain our service with user feedback. Hotjar uses cookies and other technologies to collect data on our users’ behavior and their devices. This includes a device’s IP address (processed during your session and stored in a de-identified form), device screen size, device type (unique device identifiers), browser information, geographic location (country only), and the preferred language used to display our website. Hotjar stores this information on our behalf in a pseudonymized user profile. Hotjar is contractually forbidden to sell any of the data collected on our behalf.


We may collect anonymous statistics about pages you’ve visited on our site via Facebook Pixel.

Further Information

By continuing to use our websites you agree that we can place both essential and non-essential cookies on your device.

Blocking cookies through your browser settings

To provide you with more choice on how your data is collected you can block any cookies from any website through your browser settings.

For more information about how to disable cookies in your browser please visit the About cookies website. If you share the use of a computer, accepting or rejecting the use of cookies will affect all users of that computer.