Optional extras for motorbike insurance explained

March 10th, 2014 | In: Insurance, Motorbike
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Last week we looked at motorbike insurance and the numerous factors that combine to determine the cost of your insurance policy.  This week we want to look at the topic of insurance for motorbikes in more depth; in particular, how you can tailor the policy to suit your needs with add-on products.

“Optional extras” are all about providing additional levels of cover to those who would like extra security whilst riding.  These do not come with standard insurance policies, so small additional amounts will be required to include.  Although optional extras are often purchased along with the standard policy, these products can in fact be purchased on their own.

Legal expenses or legal assistance cover

This is also known as legal cover or uninsured loss recovery.  This cover is useful if you and your bike are involved in an accident due to the fault of a third party, and you would like to claim for uninsured losses such as policy excess, vehicle hire, and loss of earnings or injury compensation.

Legal assistance cover ensures that you can get the appropriate legal help to recover uninsured losses.

Personal accident cover

As all riders are aware, bike accidents can have serious consequences.  Loss of limbs, hearing, eye sight, head injuries, skin damage and facial disfigurement are all unfortunately common types of injuries suffered as a result of an accident.  There is of course, also the risk of death from a serious crash.

Personal accidental cover is designed to give you the comfort of knowing you are covered for certain injuries (up to a certain limit) as a result of a motorbike accident.  The cover provides payment for bodily injuries and in the event of death, your next of kin will receive the insurance payment.

Breakdown cover

Breakdown cover is intended to help you if you are stuck because your bike has broken down.  Getting expert assistance as soon as possible is paramount so that your bike can be assessed for any repairs and you can arrive at your destination quickly in a safe manner.

There are different levels of breakdown covers.  These can include:

  • Roadside – Assistance ¼ mile or more from your home address.
  • Recovery – useful for when your bike needs to be fixed at a location far from your local area.
  • Home start – covers you for instances when your bike fails to start either at your home or somewhere nearby.
  • Onward travel – if you suffer a breakdown away from home and your bike cannot be immediately repaired, this cover will allow you to continue your journey with a replacement hire car or provide you with reasonable travel expenses.
  • European cover – fantastic for those who plan to ride in Europe.  This cover provides breakdown protection whilst abroad.

If you would like to speak to an expert about getting a new motorbike insurance policy, please feel free to contact us at Devitt on our contact us page.  With over 75 years of experience in arranging motorbike insurance, we can really help you to get the best deal for your insurance.