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Thetford and District Motorcycle Club

Thetford and District Motorcycle Club 

Founded back in 2001 by Bob Lovelock, the Thetford and District MCC has grown immensely over the years. It started out with the idea of providing a meeting place of all bikers, including events, ride-outs and more. Now bikers in a 50 mile radius travel to join the Thetford and District MCC on their bike nights and events.

The club welcome all types of bikers, scooters and trikes to join them, whether you’ve been riding since you were a kid or you’re still finding your feet, you’ll always find a place here.

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Club meet information 

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Thetford and District MCC then come along to one of their club meetings. These are usually held every other Thursday throughout the year, at Thetford Rugby Club at 8pm.

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