Protect Your Bike: Motorcycle Immobilisers

May 6th, 2014 | In: Insurance, Motorbike, Motorbike Security

When it comes to anti-theft vehicle security devices, immobilisers can really help to protect your vehicle. They are particularly significant for motorcycles which are easier targets for thieves due to their size.

According to the facts outlined by the Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group, in 2009 over 25,000 motorcycles were stolen, so if you’re looking for a good reason to invest in an immobiliser and alarm for your motorcycle, this is one!

What are Immobilisers?

Immobilisers are electronic security devices that will prevent your vehicle from being stolen without the actual key being present.

Motorcycles that have been fitted with immobilisers cannot be activated if the vehicle was to be wheeled away by thieves but in some cases, it is possible for the bike to be dismantled and the parts used for other purposes.

Rear bike wheel

Choosing an Immobiliser

As the prices and range of combined immobilisers and alarms vary across the board, your choice will obviously depend on the type and value of your bike and the level of security that the device offers. So, whether you own a standard motorcycle, sports bike, scooter or moped, there are immobilisers compatible with many bikes.

Datatool is one of the leading motorcycle alarm brands in the UK with a wide range of security systems, devices and motorcycle accessories, all the tools which are sure to give you the confidence that you need where your motorcycles security is concerned.

It might be best to have this kind of security system fitted by an engineer or manufacturer, even if it means paying a bit extra. Some motorbikes may not respond very well to DIY or poorly fitted immobilisers and alarms so consider this before you attempt to install the security system yourself.

Lowering your Insurance Premiums

Most modern bikes are equipped with immobilisers from the time they leave the factory but if your motorcycle doesn’t already have one installed, think about choosing at least a category 1 insurance approved alarm. Immobilisers and alarms are just another security feature that can lower your motorcycle insurance premium so they are worth purchasing for that reason but also the idea is that this security system will help deter even the most determined thieves.

By using immobilisers and alarms, you can reduce the risk of motorcycle theft and moreover, combining these with wheel locks, chains and ground anchors, it will help in preventing thieves from picking out an obvious target.

Motorcycle theft is generally easy for skilled thieves, especially where there is no security in place – so protect your bike and leave them no room to strike!