Motorbike Tagging Devices: What You Need to Know

April 25th, 2014 | In: Insurance, Motorbike, Motorbike Security

Motorcycles have proven to be an easy target for thieves, as their compact dimensions make it easy for these vehicles to be stolen quickly by professional and opportunistic thieves alike. Although motorcycles can be more difficult to protect over larger vehicles, there are some security measures that can be taken so your motorcycle is less vulnerable to thieves.

If you park your vehicle in a public place, it should be parked in the busiest locations where thieves are least likely to operate. Vary your motorcycle parking spaces, particularly if you have a consistent daily routine which would make your vehicle an easier target. To further reduce the likelihood of your motorcycle being stolen, some security tagging devices are worth the investment to protect your assets and discourage thieves.

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Motorcycle tagging devices can be fitted to your motorcycle to improve security. Datatag is an electronic identification and registration theft deterrent system, which enables the police to identify the actual owner of a datatagged motorcycle, even in the event that the number plate and standard identification numbers have been removed or tampered with. The Datatag device can be fitted to your motorcycle when you purchase the bike and is a great theft deterrent system.

Alpha Dot is the world’s first microdot security marking system and is police approved, it can be used to protect a number of high value goods including motorcycles. Each microdot is printed with a unique PIN (Personal Identification Number) registered to the vehicle keeper. The police have 24/7 access to the registration database so if an Alpha Dot is found on your motorcycle, the owner can be instantly identified.

Likened to the concept of DNA profiling, the Smartwater motorcycle security tagging system uses technology that contains a unique forensic code which is exclusively assigned to your motorcycle. The SmartWater clear water based solution is brushed or sprayed onto assets, drying as invisible. The owners’ forensic code is logged into a secure database to enable recovered assets to be traced.

Bear in mind that some of these tagging device technologies, if used on their own, may not be enough to deter a thief from attempting to steal your motorcycle. Consider combining the use of tagging devices with suitable high quality motorcycle locks to increase the level of security for your motorcycle and also reduce insurance premiums.