Keeping Your Motorbike Secure: Use It Or Lose It

January 28th, 2014 | In:

Keeping your motorbike secure – use it or lose it

It’s estimated that around 35,000 motorbikes get stolen in the UK every single year so when it comes to keeping yours safely in your own hands, bike security needs serious thought and planning. Luckily there are some extremely solid bike locks and high tension chains on the market these days as well as other motorbike security devices. This includes sophisticated alarms, all of which can reduce the risk of your bike being stolen when you have to park it up.

Motorbikes are on the top of thieves lists which means for owners basic security is essential, and although it may appear harder to make them as secure as a vehicle, it is possible to make life really difficult for thieves to get their hands on your property. You need to make it as hard as possible for a professional gang or a more opportunistic thief to steal your bike. Below is a list of essential security measures you need to keep in mind when you’re out and about on your motorbike:

Think About Where You Park Your Bike

  • During daylight hours, park your motorbike in a public place and somewhere that’s as busy as possible with lots of foot traffic in the neighbourhood
  •  When the sun goes down, park your motorcycle in a very well lit area and if possible one where people are still about at night
  • It is never a good idea to park a motorbike in the same spot every day. It’s far better and more sensible to vary the parking spot as much as you can so your bike doesn’t become a target
  • Try to leave your bike in a custom-built parking area that boasts fixed stands and loops
  • Try to leave your bike in car parks that display a sign for all the world to see stating “Secure Car Park” as they offer much better security than ones that don’t

Lock Up Your Bike At All Times

  • Engage your bike’s steering lock whenever you park it up
  • Never leave any possessions or crash helmets with your bike or in it’s pannier bags
  • Leave your machine attached to an immovable object using a top quality high tension steel cable and a good quality padlock. If you prefer a U-lock through the back wheel or bike frame, both are good deterrents too. Another option is to attach you bike to another motorcycle using a good quality chain and padlock

Invest in a Good Quality Bike Alarm

  • Invest in a top quality motorcycle alarm which can be purchased from all bike shops as well as DIY outlets. Make sure the alarm is conspicuous by placing a warning sticker on your bike – this acts a good deterrent and puts off opportunist thieves

Make Sure Your Bike Is Security Marked

  • Another great deterrent is to have as many parts of your bike and its accessories security marked with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), your post code and the bikes’ registration number. Should your bike be stolen and then dismantled – it makes it easier to trace all the parts
  • You need to make your bike and all its accessories a lot harder for thieves to sell using any methods at your disposal
  •  You would need to provide proof of ownership so the police can use the information should your bike be stolen

Think About Using Indelible Marking on Your Bike

  • Any non-metal parts of your bike can be marked using indelible ink marker pens. Another option is to use ultraviolet marks on your bike which are only seen when an ultraviolet light is shone on them, and not visible to the naked eye. You would have to redo the marks on a regular basis because they will fade after a few weeks

Think About Etching or Engraving Your Bike

  • Another great deterrent is to use metal stamps or to etch parts of your bike with your details and then place a security sticker on it stating “All Parts Marked”


Motorbikes are hot property and bike owners stand more chance of having them stolen if they don’t set in place a few basic security measures. Making it as hard as possible for an opportunist thief or a professional gang from stealing your bike is just the first step in securing your machine. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune on bike security because there are many affordable bike security options available. Investing in better the quality a chain or padlock, will make it that much harder for thieves, so it’s money well spent. In short, you need to buy the best quality chains, padlocks and alarms you can afford so you keep your motorbike safe when it’s parked up.