Motorcycle Riding Apps for Bikers

July 9th, 2014 | In: Apps, Motorbike

Smartphone motorcycle riding apps can make your bike rides safer, more enjoyable and incredibly social. They are easy to use and right at your fingertips so we should all be taking advantage of them. We have compiled together a few of our favourite motorcycle apps, take a look and see which ones you like the look of:

Greatest Road Motorcycle Rider GPS Road Finder logo

Greatest Road Motorcycle Rider GPS Road Finder (iOS)

If you are looking for new riding routes, then this free app is for you.  Featuring recommendations and driver comments of the most enjoyable and picturesque routes in over 160 countries, this app will give you plenty of fresh ideas of where to take your bike.

This clever app can log your favourite journeys too, so you can record all your rides and share any new routes you discover.  You can also rate or comment on an existing road to help other riders.

black and white man on bike

Best Biking Roads (iOS and Android)

Another app to enhance your riding experience, Best Biking Roads will show motorcycle routes near your current location.  You can also find popular biking roads by country, region or through a simple text search.

Similar to the previous app, Best Biking Roads also allows riders to track their journeys, add comments or ratings, and share them with other riders.  It boasts over 10,000 route recommendations and reviews from 80 nations around the world, with each route being rated in eight categories.

EatSleepRIDE logo

EatSleepRIDE (iOS, Android coming soon)

EatSleepRIDE provides details like the speed, elevation and lean angle of your journeys.  Sharing your favourite roads with other like-minded motorcyclists comes as standard, and it has a fantastic GPS-based social riding feature which will allow riders to see each other’s whereabouts on a map.  Additionally, it will also tell you all the motorcycle roads and biker friendly places near your current location.

What sets this app apart from others on the market is its add-on feature, CRASHLIGHT.  Developed in conjunction with the University of Toronto, CRASHLIGHT uses built-in sensor technology to detect motorcycle accidents.  What’s more, it will notify the rider’s pre-programmed contacts of the accident and the location of the rider via SMS text messages, phone calls and emails.  Apart from giving friends and family peace of mind, this technology ensures the rider is attended to as soon as possible.

Pocket first aid & CPR app logo

Pocket First Aid & CPR (iOS and Android)

Pocket First Aid & CPR features guidelines on first aid, CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care from the American Heart Association.  With 34 videos and 46 high-resolution illustrations accessible through its search functionality, riders will be able to find help quickly in the event of an emergency.

Rain alarm app logo

Rain Alarm (iOS and Android)

Another freebie you can download, Rain Alarm warns you against rain or snow by a silent alarm to help you plan your bike journeys.  The data used originates from governmental weather services and it works in a number of countries including the UK and many parts of Europe.

REALRIDER app logo

REALRIDER (iOS and Android)

Now here’s an app you really won’t want to be without. It could literally save your life! By keeping your phone on your person this app can detect whether you have had an accident, looking for changes that may occur during a crash, for example rapid deceleration and tumbling motions. Once the app detects a crash an alert is triggered.  If the rider is unhurt they can then deactivate the alert, however if the alert is not deactivated the NHS Ambulance Service will receive your location details, contact number and medical information; you won’t be able to find any other app on the market that delivers this important information to the NHS. But that’s not all this app can do, it also allows you to report road hazards, share your routes, photos, videos and points of interest.

So there you have it, hopefully you will be tempted to install some of these motorcycle riding apps to your smartphone or android. Perhaps you’re safety conscious and go for an app that provides care, important information and security whilst out on your journey or maybe you like the idea of a social app that enables you to interact with like-minded bikers, sharing your stories, opinions and interests.