3 Tips to Keeping your Motorbike Safe and Secure from Thieves

January 22nd, 2015 | In: Motorbike, safety

“Over 536,000 bikes are stolen every year, one every 67 seconds. These thefts occur on such a huge scale because it is so easy to profit from it.” – Checkthatbike.co.uk

Your motorbike probably cost you a lot of money and like any vehicle, you will want to keep it safe. Unfortunately, bikes can sometimes be easy to steal – especially to the mindful thief who knows what they’re doing.  Professional thieves may watch your bike for sometime, learning your parking habits and schedule before they decide to take it. Don’t be complacent – you never know where thieves are operating.

Despite this, less than half of all bikes in the UK are protected by bike locks or other security devices. By securing your bike, you could reduce your bike insurance premiums by up to 10% and of course, you won’t be burdened with the hassle of reporting your bike stolen and finding alternative transport if you were to have yours pinched.

By putting safety devices on your bike and by keeping it in a safe place, your bike will look less attractive to thieves and you reduce the risk of it being targeted. There really is no reason not to take measures to protecting your bike! Here, we look into a few tips:

A motorbike alarm system

Motorbike Alarms and Immobilisers and Locks

A quality and professionally fitted bike alarm system will reduce your bike insurance premiums. It acts as a deterrent to thieves as well, much in the same way as a motorbike lock does. Large motorcycle chain locks or motorcycle cable locks can be purchased from any vehicle retailer or motorbike part online supplier and should always be secured to your bike onto an immovable object when parked; this includes something like a lamppost. This YouTube video looks into motorbike chains, locks and immobilisers and can help you see how to attach the locks successfully.

A UV pen

Mark Your Bike

Try to mark parts of your bike with your registration and postcode. Did you know that many stolen bikes are broken apart and sold for parts? By marking all parts of your bike, the thieves will find it more difficult to sell them. Mark your bike with a UV pen. There are more sophisticated systems you could invest in, such as Datatag or Smartwater, if you are prepared to spend more money.

Don’t advertise your bike!

It can be easy to want to show off your bike on the road outside your house. But when you go on holiday, it might be too tempting for local thieves to take it. If you have a garage, make sure you use it. Make sure your garage is properly secure and remember to alarm it.

When using your bike, park it in easy view of passers by and try and vary where you park it often. You don’t want thieves to learn your habits! Basically, try and make it as difficult as possible for thieves to know where your bike is and get to it easily.

A row of parked bikes

Have you got any other ideas on how to secure your bike?
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